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Melonseed is modernizing the hiring process for the working class
No more help wanted signs, craigslist postings, or newspaper ads.
With Melonseed, employers and employees will be connected
directly, facilitating a faster, more streamlined hiring process

Real time, Location Based Job Search 

Melonseed lets you search for jobs in your area with one click using criteria most important to you. Pick up shifts today or search for help RIGHT NOW when existing employees don’t show up for work.


Lightning Hire

Find jobs available in your area right now. Tag yourself using Lightning Hire to notify potential employers or employees that you are looking to fill a position immediately


Melonseed's automated real time resume builder keeps track of work history, skills, reviews and matches your past successes with future opportunities

Real time interviews

Assess candidates in minutes thanks to Melonseed's built in real time video chat. Expedite the hiring process, and connect employees with employers faster than ever.

Melonseed's feature set aims to marry groups of high quality employers and job-seekers, connected directly together through a ubiquitously accessible app, to create a community of known and trusted members.

Together, we all can grow.

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