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We are a socially responsible company focused on elevating and empowering an underserved segment of our US workforce.  An app targeting the segment of our society that needs help the most.  Identifying employment opportunities to address a person’s immediate job concerns and developing one’s future career path.

Melonseed aims to modernize the hiring process for workers across the country; no more help wanted signs, craigslist postings, or newspaper ads. With Melonseed, employers and employees will be connected directly, facilitating a faster, more streamlined hiring process.


Our app opens the door for immediate seeking, in turn allows the perception of employability to be greater based on a structured and living resume.

A business model based on personal development, social improvement, community involvement and profit sharing within the melonseed ecosystem. melonseed’s feature set aims to marry groups of high quality employers and job-seekers, connected directly together through a ubiquitously accessible app, to create a community of known and trusted members.


Adil Choksey - CEO

Founder and CEO of ADR, Inc  IT Strategy and Staffing

Rob Phillips - Chief Product Officer

Former executive and employee #9 of ServiceNow, ranked World’s Most Innovative Company by Forbes

Rick Neubauer - COO

Former executive of IBM, partner at PwC, and managing partner at nVisory

Josh Tilton - Chief Strategy Officer

Prof. Development & Placement, The George Washington University

Chad Duncan - Chief Strategy Officer

Prof. Vocational Rehab, Northwestern University

Varun Choksey - Director, Media-Social-Web

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